I've been in some conversations with people over at Kos concerning what should happen to Blog for America should Dean's campaign for the Presidency come to an end without the nomination.

One point to make--I'm still voting for Dean in the CA primary even if he's pulled out of the race by then. I've stressed over this too badly for too long not to vote for him, even if I have to write his name in.

Now, as I mentioned below, I think it's important that the people, like me, who have become motivated by politics for the first time (ever or in a long time) stay motivated. Even if our guy was derailed by a hostile press and a machine that wanted their guy over ours, we have made a major change in Democratic party politics. All the candidates are now trying to raise money over the internet and are talking directly to the grassroots in some ways--some more successfully than others--but what Dean has shown is that you can motivate a lot of people to give a little money. Others had tried it--Lamar Alexander and Jerry Brown come to mind--but Dean made it work, thanks to his message and his leadership.

So Howard Dean, I have a challenge for you if you decide to get out of the race for the Presidency. I want you to help us continue the revolution by helping us locate worthy people who are running for office as Democrats throughout the country, for the House, for the Senate, for governorships and other statewide offices. I want you to help us find people who share your vision of what the United States should be, and help us help them get elected. I want you to help this group of people you have inspired stay inspired by giving us a new task--changing the country from the bottom up instead of from the top down.

Help us do that--we need a leader. We're begging for a leader. Most of us would follow you through fire if you asked. So ask us, and we can change this country back into what it needs to be.

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