I'm a little bummed right now. I'm a bit of a NASCAR fan. I saw Dale Earnhardt win Daytona once and lose it a dozen times, once by cutting a tire on the last lap. I saw him die while covering Michael Waltrip's rear. I saw the last race Richard Petty ever won, and I can even remember the old-timers like Cale Yarborough and Benny Parsons.

So today ought to be a banner day for me--Daytona signals the start of the racing season. Little Dale's out front. DEI always runs well here. The weather's gorgeous from what I hear. Not even the fact that the President is giving the signal to start engines bugs me too bad.

No, what bugs me is that apparently San Francisco doesn't have a broadcast NBC affiliate, and since I don't have cable, I can't watch it. And to add insult to injury, there's apparently no way to follow the race online without shelling out some fundage I don't have. So I'm bummed. Maybe I'll find a bar with a tv that'll let me tune in while I sip a coke.

Update: I found it on AM radio, so I sat down with a book to listen and passed out because I'd slept so little last night, and of course, Little Dale won. Congrats man--wish I'd seen it.

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