I just gave more money to the Dean campaign. I'm a loyal supporter and am with him until he quits, loses, or dies but I have to say that his latest email sounded a little desperate. He needs to win soon, or even the loyal will stop donating. Ezra over at Pandagon has a far deeper breakdown of it than I do.

He's being written off by everyone in the media and it's starting to look like the Democratic party is made up largely of sheeple who are going to vote for the frontrunner no matter who it is, and that's a shame because he was the only one with the balls to call out Bush and the wimpy, go-along Democratic party last year.
Remember Carville with a garbage can on his head during the 2002 CNN election coverage show? What was his reasoning then? That the Dems lost because they didn't stand for anything--funny how he and his buddy Begala have savaged the one guy in the race who donated the party a pair of oversized, brass testicles.

The only good thing to come out of this is that turnout at primaries is at record highs across the country, so if nothing else, it seems that at least the party is motivated enough to get the unelectable one out of office. If only John "I'll don whatever persona the polls like this week" Kerry weren't the frontrunner. Sigh.

At least the Bush AWOL story has legs for now. I saw part of the White House press briefing from a couple of days ago and it looks like Scott McClellan is thinking that Ari got out while the getting was good. I'll admit that this is less of an issue if the nominee is Dean or Edwards, but if we're stuck with Kerry then I guess we ought to make the most of it. Hey--to all you media people out there chasing this story now, where the hell were you in 2000 when Gore was getting turned into Fibber McGee for his largely true statements about the internet, Love Canal, etc, and Bush was still AWOL?

Atrios has a link to a NY Times article where a Kerry aide is talking tough in the event of a Bush attempt to turn this into a replay of Dukakis '88, but I still think Kerry will be hamstrung by his recent Senate votes--you know, the ones where he supported Bush policies. I'll still vote for him, if it comes down to that, but just once I'd like to be able to vote for the guy I want instead of the guy who sucks less.

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