Discovered this little gem thanks to my new friend over at the Muddle Headed Wombat.

It dates back over a year and a half, but it's still disturbing, at least to me, that a group would give out donor cards so that parents could insist upon their deaths that their children not be adopted by homosexual couples.

Seems to me that a more effective way to handle adoption concerns post-mortem would be to do as my parents did and assign a guardian in a will. I'm not British, so I can't say I know even the basics of the law, much less the intricacies, but in US law, it's my understanding that the wishes of the parent, if they are expressly laid out in the will, are paramount, and then family members would be next in line, unless there's some sort of forced heirship written into the law.

This smacks more of a deliberate desire to state a group's opposition to a gay lifestyle than of anything else, in my view.

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