Quote of the Day

Mark Doty, via Facebook:

Okay, this is the most amazing thing. If you go on Amazon and type in "butt plug" in the search window, you'll see a number of them for sale, with sales ranking attached! So, it's okay to rank butt plugs but not books? Umm.
In case you're wondering, this is what Doty is referencing.

Amazon is now claiming it was just a glitch, but I have little doubt that the swift outcry had something to do with getting it straight, no matter what the problem was.

Couple of updates: First of all, this has been going on for a while, according to Craig Seymour. More from Stephen Elliott at The Rumpus.

Secondly, that it's been happening for a while doesn't rule this theory out entirely. It's possible that some group discovered an exploit some time back and waited to implement it on Easter Sunday, but regardless, Amazon's upset a lot of writers, and will have to bust their asses to win them back. As for me, I'm following The Rumpus's lead and going with Powell's for the time being.

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