"I eat at chez nous."

I was listening to the Dan LeBatard show the day they came up with this idea, and I agree, it adds some fun to the announcing of the Panthers games. After all, we live in a culture where younger guys often have conversations that are nothing but movie references and song lyrics--we outgrow it if we're convinced of just how annoying it gets, I promise--so it's not surprising that Randy Moller's new schtick is popular.

I guess my suggestion was a bit too erudite for them--it's a lyric from a Yes song from over 20 years ago, and it has a French term in it, though you'd think that would go over in Montreal. But the attitude it right for hockey--"I eat at your house" is snarky enough for when you've just scored a goal on the road, right?

Okay, it isn't. But I had to try.

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