Via Pam at Pandagon, we have a public n-word sighting in reference to the Presidential campaign. From Raw Story:

A Florida middle school teacher faced disciplinary action after using the word “nigger” to describe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, WJHG’s Kristy Wolski reported.

The 7th grade teacher, Greg Howard, asked his students what “change” stood for in relation to the Obama campaign and proceeded to write out the acronym ”come help a nigger get elected.”

The school suspended Howard without pay for 10 days and removed him from his position at the school.
He's also been reported to the Florida Department of Education for disciplinary action, so he could potentially lose his job over this. How stupid do you have to be to think that you could get away with that?

Update: After all, in his latest HBO Special, Chris Rock told white people when we're allowed to use the n-word, and in front of a class of seventh graders isn't it.

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