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Conservative church leaders are hateful douchebags who don't know what they're talking about.

A handful of church leaders gathered Tuesday outside the Miami-Dade County Courthouse in a show of solidarity for Amendment 2, saying it is needed to save the institution of marriage.

"We're here united to define marriage as one man and one woman," said Mark Gonzales, a Texas pastor and founder of Es Tiempo De Votar 2008, a nonpartisan group aimed at boosting voter turnout among Hispanics nationwide.

"We're here to define marriage as it was instituted by God."
Which definition would that be? Would that be the Adam and Eve model? Or might it be the Jacob works seven years for Rachel but winds up with Leah instead (because he presumably can't tell them apart in the dark) so works another seven years for Rachel as well, and then had kids with not only the two of them but their handmaidens as well? Is it the model that allowed Moses to divorce Zipporah or the one that allowed David to have Bath-sheba's husband killed in battle because he'd gotten her pregnant and didn't want him to find out? Or the Solomonic version that had him wind up with seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines?

I mean, it's not like Jesus ever came out and hated on gays, so you can't be talking about him. You've got to be going Old Testament-school on this position, so I want to know--which model of marriage is it that God instituted, and how do you account for all the other models that were followed by people who were considered faithful?

Short answer: you can't. You're a bunch of hateful bigots who try to hide it in a cloak of religious respectability.

Say No to Amendment 2, unless you agree with this kind of dishonesty.

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