Box Office Magic

I just wanted to share this, because lots of conservatives complain that Hollywood censors them, makes it impossible for their message of conservatism to get out, and that given the chance, people would flock to their movies. So this weekend, "An American Carol" officially opened. It had press, it had advertising, the whole works. I saw a handful of the commercials myself. So how did it fare?

Click the image to embiggen.

Ninth, just ahead of Bill Maher's anti-religion film "Religulous." Well, at least they beat the dirty god-haters, right?

Not really. Maher's film did almost exactly three times as much per screen as "An American Carol." I get the feeling Maher's film will be in the theaters a bit longer than the Kevin Farley vehicle with the Bill O'Reilly cameo.

Now, you can't really credit this to the taste of the movie going public--"Beverly Hills Chihuahua" led the weekend after all--but here was a movie that had some names in it. Kelsey Grammer, Leslie Nielsen, Dennis Hopper, James Woods, and Jon Voight have all led big time movies--okay, Grammer has been in a few blockbusters, but never as lead--but these aren't nobodies. You'd think that if conservative movie goers were champing at the bit to go see conservative actors take a whack at everybody's favorite lefty whipping boy, Michael Moore, they'd have done better than $2,325 a screen.

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