Short Palin Speech

Since you've probably been merciful to yourself and skipped the squeakispeech, I'll give you the shorter version:

PALIN: (In a forced, lower modulation): Hey, look! I'm as nice as Michelle Obama! Doesn't my speech sound as good (voice suddenly breaks and squeeks) as hers? And hey, you know what? If I say that lie about me not supporting the "bridge to nowhere" (voice completely breaks and enters a permanent squeak that will last the rest of the speech) some idiot somewhere might actually believe it! And by the way, I'm from Alaska! And have you heard? John "S" McCain is just dreamy! Oh, no wait, I'm not running for first lady, I'm running for VP -- what does a VP do again? -- no no, don't tell me! How about this: John McCain will drill oil in Alaska! Woo hoo! And keep taxes on rich people low! Yeah! We're all rich people! Woo! Squeak! Squeeeeak! Squeeeaaaaaak!



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