More on the jackbootery

Glenn Greenwald is working overtime on this, and should be commended for it. The story I linked below has seven updates now, including the welcome news that Amy Goodman was released from jail. There's video there of Goodman being interviewed upon her release.

But it's this update that gives me hope that this story might break through what has thus far been a pretty effective corporate media blockade on the general story of the police abuse taking place at the Republican convention.

UPDATE IV: The Washington Post has a few more details on the arrest of Goodman and the two Democracy Now producers. In addition to them, a photographer for Associated Press was also arrested today while covering the protests (h/t Edward Champion). An AP spokesman said of the arrest: "covering news is constitutionally protected, and photographers should not be detained for covering breaking news." Democratic strategist and CNN commentator Donna Brazile was hit by pepper spray on her way into the Xcel Center.
Emphasis mine. See, it's one thing when the journalists being abused are progressives from outlets that few people (relatively speaking) ever hear of--it's another when it's a prominent face (though I wouldn't call Brazile a journalist) from CNN that gets caught in the mess. Hopefully CNN will get into this a bit more deeply now that one of their own has been affected.

Here's the video of Amy Goodman after her release from jail. I can't wait to see Democracy Now tonight.

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