Great local news

Via an email from the ACLU (and I'm hunting down news sources as well), the Florida Supreme Court has knocked proposed Amendments 7 and 9 off the ballot for the November election. So the current count is three--the crappy tax amendment, and two that would annihilate the wall between church and state. From the email:

The ACLU was one of several religious liberty and public education organizations, including the Florida Education Association and others that filed the challenge arguing that the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission’s (TBRC) actions were beyond the scope of its authority and an abuse of its power. In fact, the whole process of tax and budget reform was hijacked by lobbyists and staffers for former Governor Jeb Bush to use the process to resuscitate his crusade for private school vouchers.
The TBRC meets every 20 years and is supposed to propose solutions to Florida’s taxation and budget process. The commission grossly overstepped its authority by adopting several proposals that would have eliminated Florida’s strong commitment to separation of church & state and religious freedom language, and require government funding of religious programs. We at the ACLU are elated that the Florida Supreme Court saw through this thinly veiled attempt to bring back private/parochial school vouchers to the Sunshine State.
So with those two gone, and potentially three depending on how the Florida Supreme Court rules on Amendment 5, we can focus on the wholly unnecessary Amendment 2, which would add on to the other four laws that already deny LGBT citizens their full rights as citizens. Let's knock them all out and get a clean sweep this November.

Edit: The Florida Supreme Court struck the tax amendment (#5) too. Now we get to focus on the gay-hating one.

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