The latest on Leona Helmsley's estate:

We all know she left 12 million dollars for her dog "Trouble," widely describing as a nipping, snarling beast of fluffiness in pink. But she apparently left the REST of her immense fortune (around 5 to 8 Billion dollars) to dogs in general.

...the entire trust, valued at $5 billion to $8 billion and amounting to virtually all her estate, be used for the care and welfare of dogs
The two people who described the statement said Mrs. Helmsley signed it in 2003 to establish goals for the multibillion-dollar trust that would disburse assets after her death.

The first goal was to help indigent people, the second to provide for the care and welfare of dogs. A year later, they said, she deleted the first goal.

That's too funny to be dismissed as mere asshattery. That's performance art from beyond the grave. Well done, evil rich woman. You've transcended your shitty existence, and you are now art.

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