Gun insanity

This is why I don't want anything to do with Atlanta.

The new state law allows people with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns into restaurants, state parks and on public transportation.

John Monroe, an attorney for the gun rights backers who filed the lawsuit, argued the Atlanta airport qualifies as public transportation. There are also restaurants in the terminal, which Monroe said should be accessible to gun-toting visitors under the new law.
Set aside the "logic" that somehow turns an airport into public transportation--because a big fricking set of stationary buildings is the same as a subway car--there was enough public support in Georgia for people to be allowed to carry concealed weapons into restaurants, state parks and on public transportation.

You know what else tends to be present in the first two of those three categories? Booze. You know what doesn't mix well with booze? Firearms. Especially firearms owned by people who are packing them because they have an overblown sense of the danger that surrounds them and imagine themselves as the second coming of Dirty Harry Callahan.

I'm not a gun-control fanatic, by the way. I'm all for private ownership. I'm not wild about the general idea of concealed carry--the argument that it acts as a deterrent is laughable to me. Packing a gun in a holster strapped to your thigh is far more of a deterrent than one that no one can see. But there are limits, and one of those limits ought to be that you can't bring your weapon to a place where alcohol is being served. I don't think that's too much to ask.

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