And Speaking of Milestones...

My, it's been an eventful week here on Incertus Mountain. Four years of blogging. John-Boy entered the family mule, Blue, in the annual cross-country race. And now this-- at some point today, we will have our 50,000th visitor.

That's a lot of visitors.

So let's end this celebratory week right, shall we? And by "right," I mean, of course, with a video of David Hasslehoff singing "Hooked on a Feeling."

You know that's awesome. It's like music, but you have to be deaf to appreciate it. Also, it probably helps if you can't actually see the video.

Anyway, thanks to Melissa, Kenneth, Pam, teh Portly Dyke, Misanthrope, rox, S.J., Batocchio, the CunningRunt, Mark, Matt, Erik, and everyone else who links to us, talks to us, or just visits regularly without commenting much. I've been having a blast since Brian and Amy invited me to join them here, and I'm looking forward to the next four years and reaching our 100,000th visitor.

Good night, John-Boy.

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