Shaking out the storylines and the Random Ten

Since 2004, I've found it more interesting to see what the major news outlets aren't talking about than what they are. Here's some short observations.

John Edwards doesn't exist anymore, not that he existed much to begin with in their eyes. He's getting no bump.

John McCain has disappeared too, despite all the pre-Iowa hype about his comeback. When you finish 4th to a sleepwalker like Thompson, it's hard to believe that you're going to be the guy.

Ron Paul got into double digits, and had nearly 4 times the votes of Rudy Giuliani, but you wouldn't know it from the news coverage.

Bill Richardson is still a candidate, though you wouldn't know it. He's more invisible than Edwards.

The next five days will be really interesting to watch, especially on the Republican side, because there's so much institutional opposition to Huckabee. We'll get to see just how much stroke the evangelicals have inside the party on a national level, whether he's going to be able to move the herd from one state to the next. One of the storylines that has been coming out is doubt about whether those sophisticates in New Hampshire will make the same choice that the rubes in Iowa did when it comes to Huckabee--and that is decidedly their tone.

Here's the Random Ten. Ten songs taken from the top of the party shuffle list, no skipping selections from your Totally 80s/Now That's What I Call Music collection. Here we go.
1. Ces Soirees La--Yannick
2. Assanhado--Jacob Do Bandolim
3. Combat Rock--Sleater-Kinney
4. Preacher--Big Smith
5. Salt the Skies--Tortoise
6. Walk Like an Egyptian--The Bangles
7. Doncha Wish?--Wammo
8. Intimate Secretary--The Raconteurs
9. Fall Down--Toad the Wet Sprocket
10. Flash Gordon--Talib Kweli

What story aren't you hearing about?

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