January 2 is the First Day of Winter in Florida

I'm going to admit my anxiety: for the past several months, every time I step outside, I've been thinking to myself, we're all going to die!

Brian hasn't been bothered in the slightest -- in fact, he's been enjoying the warmth. But I was born in Fort Lauderdale, and have lived almost my entire life in South Florida, and this shit has been freaking me out. We joke that we don't get winter -- and compared to Duluth, we don't -- but we are supposed to get our version of it: temperatures consistently in the 60s, 3-4 drops into the 30s and 40s that last a few days each.

It goes beyond temperature: winter in Florida has a certain feel and smell. The air is drier and blows a little harder, the skies are blue and clear, the sun feels really good on your face. The air has no salt in it, and smells kind of earthy, like the scent of Canadian under-snow decay made into a gentle and pleasant whiff of something -- a scented candle of "seasons."

But this year has been the worst I've seen. The entire "winter" has lingered at about 80 degrees. Some days have been outright HOT, not August hot, but definitely June hot. And while people not from around here might mistakenly believe that Florida is supposed to be this warm all winter, it's not. And it's giving me palpitations.

Because the human organism is deeply dependent on this great glorious ball of life so precariously perfect for our needs -- and it's acting WEIRD. I find myself wondering (since we're trying to makumbaby) if it's even ethical to bring a person into a world we have reason to believe is being cooked past habitability.

Today I'm feeling tremendous relief, because the temperature has fallen. I'm wearing two sweatshirts and wool socks. The relief is irrational, just like the anxiety: a cold front doesn't mean salvation any more than a non-winter meant perdition. But I am a human organism, and my functioning is affected by these things.

And so will my baby's, if I ever have one....

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