Caucus Blogging

Let spinning begin, since it looks like a clear Obama win, and a tie for second between Edwards and Clinton. It's an impressive win for Obama, 37% in such a tightly contested race, but I'm sure both Clinton and Edwards will do the best they can to point out that a tie for second is pretty good, and that this is far from over. We'll see who gets a bump in 5 days in New Hampshire. Who knows? Maybe this thing won't be over when we get a chance to vote here in Florida.

Huckabee's win is exactly what I was hoping for from the Iowa Republicans, because there's no getting around it now--the evangelicals want some respect, and they're coming out for their guy. All the hopes and prayers for some non-evangelical savior from the right-wing blogosphere and their buddies in the media--Tweety among them--were dashed tonight. I'm still not convinced Huckabee will win the nomination, but if Bloomberg wants to jump into the race, this is the time to do it. He can give the business conservatives somewhere to go, and he'll have the contrast he wants, at least on the Republican side. It will be interesting to see if Huckabee can build on this and knock Romney out in New Hampshire. I hope he does.

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