Caucus Blogging II: And Amy's 2nd Random Ten

1. Now that Iowa has caucused, I can officially think about the 2008 election. This election basically began when the 2004 election ended, which was definitely a reflection of a national desire to end the bu$h years, but which was waaaay too soon for most of us. The democratic field has long been acceptable to most of the leftward-leaning; it's not like there was ever a Lieberman for us to try to avoid getting stuck with. So now, for the restofus (the Festivus constituancy), it begins.

2. Democrats poured out, Independents followed them, Republicans said "meh." This should surprise no one, and should definitely be viewed as a taste of things to come.

3. Huckabee is as Huckabee does. I really don't think anyone can be surprised by the rise of Huckabee when considering that the rest of the Republican field is nothing short of a total joke. If Romney had less money, he'd be Joe Isuzu (remember him?). McCain is practically a living example of what's wrong with once-principled Republicans. The most "serious" candidate is Ron Paul, who's positions are antithetical to popular American values, and whose supporters' idea of caucus-going was more "Spring Break" than caucus. (Although "caucus" does sound like a pretty dirty word.) Anyway, it's clear that Republicans are going for aw-shucks religious huckstery over all else this year.

4. Speaking of sausage-fests, can't we get a clam-bake in Iowa? Guess not. The American public's acceptance of woman power will always be a few decades behind its acceptance of the power of black men. Civil rights act = 1964. Equal Rights Amendment = still waiting. That said, 29% of the vote ain't too shabby. And Edwards should be pleased with his 30%. But with a lead of more than twice Giuliani's total vote, it's fair to say Obama walked away with this one.

5. My uncle did not win, place, or show. It's time for him to bow out.

10, Randomly

1. The Bells -- Canadian Brass
2. Duran Sirhan -- Wammo
3. And It Stoned Me -- Van Morrison
4. Glass Onion -- The Beatles
5. Magic Wand -- Sonic Youth
6. Up So Close -- Cake
7. Faded -- Ben Harper
8. No Sir -- Big Smith
9. Sonnet -- The Verve
10. Kalifornia -- Fatboy Slim

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