There aren't a heck of a lot of Letters in the world, so when we make a new one, that's definitely cause for national joy. Yesterday afternoon, the number of my nieces increased by one:

This is new baby Penny (Penelope, but I've already chosen my name for her) -- she is right off the turnip truck and fresh to planet Earth... welcome her!

Oooh, look! She's trying to get a look at you! Helloooo!

Here she is with some of her siblings: Kade, Madeline, Brinnie -- Where's her brother Shane? Welcome to the family, kid!

And here she is with her daddy, my brother Bobby (the sometimes-commenter Bobby here at Incertus). This kid lucked into one of the best dads she could hope for. May her life be long, healthy, happy, and filled with love!

Welcome to existence, baby Penny!

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