You made it ugly

That's my short reply to Bill Bunkley, Tampa radio host and supporter of the ill-named Florida Marriage Amendment. In talking about his support of the aforementioned amendment, Bunkley said "he doesn’t want the campaign to turn ugly. He says 'if we are going to disagree, we need to disagree agreeably.'” Well, Mr. Bunkley, you made it ugly when you and yours decided that gay and lesbian couples--already barred from adopting children in this state--decided that the disgusting Defense of Marriage Act wasn't enough and that you needed to further enshrine homophobia in the state constitution. You did that, sir, so don't go calling for amity now. There's none to be had from this quarter.

You're going to see a lot of blogging on this issue from me in the coming year, since it's looking increasingly likely that the issue will be on the 2008 ballot. Fortunately for lovers of equality in this state, the measure will require 60% of the vote to pass, (This is another reason citizen initiatives are generally a bad idea.) and so the job of defeating it is a little easier. But make no mistake--we'll have a fight on our hands to do so all the same.

There's certainly no coincidence that this measure is coming up in a presidential election year where Florida will loom large in any Republican hopes to win the Presidency--Republicans will have a hard enough time given the national landscape, but if they lose Florida, it's all over for them, and this measure is undoubtedly designed to push the redneck northern Florida voters to the polls. But we can beat this amendment if we work together and point out that it will affect far more than just same sex couples. More on this in the coming weeks.

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