The Saddest Thing I've Read in Weeks

I was going to title this post "the saddest thing I've read this year," but then I remembered things like the Jena 6 case, the Megan Williams case, and all the stories of injured troops returning from Iraq, and decided I'd better not try to rank tragedy. Nevertheless-- and I don't know, maybe I still don't have all of the bad thyroid drugs out of my system-- this story made me feel like crying.

I imagine most people who read this blog probably read Shakesville as well, which is where I saw this story. But I thought I'd spread the word anyway, for those few people who will come to this blog but not see Melissa McEwan's post on the subject. There's a nice (if that's the right word in such a case) conversation going on over there too, and I'd encourage everyone to check it out.

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