More About the Writer's Strike

Ned Stuckey-French-- whose discussion of E.B. White's "Once More to the Lake" at NonfictioNow was briefly discussed here-- sent the following email along and has told me I can feel free to post it here:

I apologize for sending out a mass email and I know many of you have not
heard from me in ages, but I want to ask you to support of the Writers'
Guild of America and this seems as good a way as any to do that.

The issue that has forced this strike is simple. The writers are asking
for a fair share of the income stream from "new media" such as Internet,
DVDs, etc. for shows that they write, but the studios and large media
conglomerates are unwilling to share these profits. These new media are
the future. The other day I asked one of my classes how many of them had
downloaded a television show or movie. Every hand went up.

The issues have been brought home for me because my old friend Steve
Peterman is one of the writers of the very popular Disney show Hannah
Montana, which one of my daughters' favorite shows. They're always
checking out the Hannah Montana web site.

I hope you'll do what you can to support the writers. I've included
some links that you might find helpful.

All best,


A petition of support:

A short presentation outlining the essential issues:

A video about the money at stake: blog:

Writers Guild of America, West Home Page:

A blog by Nikki Finke of LA Weekly that offers good strike coverage:

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