The Incertus College Football Update

Or, as I like to call it, the least read sports column on the internets. This week's ICFU is full of success--none of the Incerters had losing football teams this week. The Mighty Burrow Owls had the week off to recover from their heartbreaking homecoming overtime loss to the Louisiana-Monroe War Eagles--which makes me wonder, why do universities even have homecoming games? It seems like such a high school thing to do, and when I asked my students, they wondered the same thing. Anyway, their lack of losing this week resulted in a static week in the polls.

The Missouri Tigers continued their terrific season, eking out a win over Colorado 55-10, and moving to number six in the only poll that matters here. And finally, the Arkansas Razorbacks got 321 rushing yards from their Heisman Trophy candidate running back Darren McFadden to beat the South Carolina Gamecocks--you know, the people who wear baseball caps that say "DOUCHE" "COCKS" across the forehead. They move up to number 30 this week, and become bowl-eligible with that win, and given the power of the SEC, will probably wind up in one no matter how they finish the season.

And even though it's not college football, I'd like to add that the New Orleans Saints evened their record at 4-4. After a dismal start to the season, they've been very hot lately, and they did a number on Jacksonville yesterday. They're a half-game behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for first in the division, and look a lot closer to the playoffs than they did a month ago.

That's the ICFU for this week. I'll be looking to see if the Mighty Burrow Owls can talon their way back into the top 80 next week.

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