The history of women's swimwear and the history of women's rights

The Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale has a cool multimedia presentation called "From Bloomers to Bikinis: Commemorating and Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Rights."

The Sun-Sentinel also has a list of facts about women's swimwear. It includes this item that I found particularly interesting:

1907: Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman is arrested in Boston for indecent exposure for wearing this one-piece bathing suit. In court she argues that restrictive bathing suit laws, which kept women in long sleeves and bloomers, prevented them from learning to swim. The judge dismisses the charge.

The print edition of the paper includes a photo of said "indecent" swimming suit. It looks sort of like a short sleeve wetsuit (but made of wool or cotton).

It's a bit pricey for the one time presentation, but some parts will be in the regular exhibition year-round.

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