Good work, y'all

I'd like to thank the UF students who gave former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales soe well-deserved grief at his speech last night in Gainesville.

GAINESVILLE -- Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales endured screams of "criminal" and "liar" during a speech at the University of Florida on Monday evening....

Early in his speech, two people climbed on the stage in hoods. Gonzales stopped talking for a few minutes as police led them away without incident, though there were several outbursts from the crowd.

The hooded demonstrators were charged with interruption of a public event, said Steve Orlando, a university spokesman. Several other people were ejected for yelling, and more than a dozen people stood for most of Gonzales' hour-long speech with their backs toward him.

I'm glad there was no violence, nothing to detract from the protest that Gonzales unquestionably deserves, and I'm dismayed that state funds would be used to pay for a speech from a man who, if he had been an Iraqi and argued what he did for the US government, would be in jail as a war criminal. He'd have had his face on one of those stupid playing cards, and the howlers over at Fox News would have been clamoring for blood if he was one of them instead of one of us. But he's a US citizen, and that apparently makes all the difference.

Edit: Can I just say I love Youtube and digital video?

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