From the Mouths of Beasts

I share this email received today with the greatest respect for the citizens of Vulgaria.

Sweet Ariel,

I sent the following to an outraged faculty member who was apoplectic about a somewhat undignified and rude email from a student. There was nothing threatening or obscene in the email; it was merely presumptuous, very informal and lacking any sort of etiquette.


There is no doubt that our culture has become somewhat coarse. Unfortunately, the customs and protocols of our students’ myriad cultures vary. Just as we must make allowances for every other nationality and creed, so must we make allowances for the sons and daughters of Vulgaria.

Take comfort that while the multicultural warp and weft of the fabric of our nation's society is rough, irregular and sometimes full of holes, its raggedness is proof that we constantly strive for the desolation and confusion of that most revered icon "The Tower of Babel".

The faculty member in question told me to “fuck off and die”.


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