Forty Least HipHop Moments

Brought to you by VH1.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Side note: This is what happens when I'm alone at the apartment and Amy isn't around to keep me from watching banal, mindless crap. And when I've spent the morning reading poetry essays.

In my defense, I've only been watching since number 25, so if I've missed something, please feel free to fill me in.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with mocking "Marky" Mark Wahlberg for his pre-acting days. But maybe Vanilla Ice shouldn't be the guy doing it.

Madonna's rapping should have been higher on the list.

Weird Al should have been lower on the list, especially since most of the people who spoke about "Amish Paradise" were complimentary.

Don't give Nelly shit for doing a song with Tim McGraw, and not mention this.

Trace Adkins doing a country-rap video is far less hiphop than Nelly singing some doofy-ass ballad with McGraw.

And finally, my personal connection to all this. At number 2 was hip hop dolls, and on the screen was one I used to own--the Master P talking doll. It said "Uhhh. Na-na-na-na," and it sat in my office at the University of Arkansas confusing students for the better part of three years. Truly terrifying.

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