Five Things Mike Huckabee Doesn't Want You to Know About Him and a Random Ten

Not much to say today-- I'm still tired from yesterday's gluttony, and the family's still in town. Still, I thought everyone who reads this blog would appreciate this AlterNet article about Mike Huckabee, and some stuff he'd probably like for us all to ignore. Don't ignore it.

Here's my Random Ten for this week:

1) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-- "Even the Losers"
2) The Velvet Underground-- "Run Run Run"
3) Wilco-- "Casino Queen"
4) The White Stripes-- "Hotel Yorba"
5) The White Stripes-- "Hypnotize"
6) Lou Reed-- "A Sheltered Life"
7) Macy Gray-- "Sexual Revolution"
8) The Raconteurs-- "Steady As She Goes"
9) The White Stripes-- "Blue Orchid"
10) The Cure-- "Prayers for Rain"

Whole lot of Jack White on there...

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