My paper has been delivered, and it seemed to go pretty well. I think, of the three of us, I was the one who focused primarily on contemporary American politics, so I imagine some people might have been bored-- or, worse, thought I was shrill (I don't think I was, though-- I made a point of noting left-leaning folks who employ a rhetoric similar to the Commander-in-chief's). But a lot of people came up to talk to me afterwards, and quite a few asked for a copy of the paper. So that's a good sign, right?

Oh, and a couple people asked for the URL for this blog, so we might see some new commenters. Which could be cool.

I did get to share with some of those folks a few of my greatest (or, if you disagreed with me, most annoying) hits on this blog so far. Remember this one?. Or this one? And then, of course, the post that everyone loves...

I'm not linking to those posts in an effort to stir up shit again. Honest. I just thought that the people I spoke to might want to see these particular posts, as I tried to describe them in our conversations.

All in all, a successful conference. I'm going to head to the last cash bar in just a few minutes, then probably skip the reading. I need to pack. And unwind with some TV and beer I think. It's been a good time, but I'm a little nonfictioned out right now. Plus, here's the thing about Iowa-- they turn the heat on really high once it gets below 60 degrees. I've dried out so thoroughly, I'm like a... like a... like a... shit, what's really dry? Like, a really super dry twig. Or the white dog shit that Sarah Silverman sang about on her show a couple weeks ago.

What pathetic similes. How can such a no-talent be a published writer? Thank God he doesn't have a book...

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