39 Things I Love About Brian

His eyes are blue-brown planets moving through the universe I inhabit
The hairs on his arms glow wheaty-gold in sunlight
He sings off key but so sweetly to me
He folds my clothes nicer than I ever would
He never mentions that he lives with a slob
The way he loves his daughter and defends her no matter what
The way he treats our cats: the comby and the nip
The sweet things he says to me just as I fall asleep
The squeeze of his arms
His chest on my cheek
His kisses
He dances joyously
He looooooves ice cream
Spending with him warm winters, eating spicy potato soup
Hiking with him volcanoes, canyons, cliffs
The light on his face in the forest as he watches a leaf drop into a waterfall
He likes beer (it makes him a jolly good fellow)
He's tougher than me
But sometimes he's not
The two of us pitch a mighty fine tent
He is nice to me even when I'm grouchy
He makes fun of me when I'm grouchy
He stops me from being grouchy
He keeps a colony of earworms as his constant companions
He eats raw lemons
The rind is a bright yellow smile
He eats the rind too
He got his vasectomy reversed for us
He's a really quick healer
He has tat regret, but still shows the tat
He hates his back hair, but won't hesitate to get nude
His memory is long and rich, a world outside our own
His poetry
He is poetry
He sometimes reads me poetry in bed, because he loves to
He's athletic, but doesn't play sports
He smells good even when he's sweaty
He's kind to the people who have been most cruel, because he loves
He is the best thing that ever happened to me
I love our life together

How many was that?

Happy Birthday, my love!

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