The Incertus College Football Update

This is what happens when you wake up at 3:00 in the morning and don't really want to get back to grading essays just yet--you find yourself actually reading the Announcements emails the University sends out. FAU, undeterred by the pounding it took from the now 8th ranked Kentucky Wildcats, is readying itself for its next game, where they will likely be pounded by the latest Florida university to make it big in football, the USF Bulls, now ranked 7th after beating up the highly-regarded West Virginia Mountaineers last Thursday. (On a side note, it seems there's a fairly large contingent of Burrow Owls who comment over at Balloon Juice. Who knew?)

In said email, we were all encouraged to join up for a pep rally at one of the on-campus eateries, to hang out with cheerleaders, coaches, and the mascot, Owsley.


Did someone, ages and ages past, have a really wicked sense of humor about naming the mascot? That just raises my love for the mascot--not only is it a 4 inch tall burrow owl, but it shares a name with the King of LSD/inventor of the "Wall of Sound." That is just awesome.

The beating at the hands of Kentucky caused FAU's poll ranking to slip to 80 this week, down from 75 last week, and we'll probably slip a little more next week unless we keep it reasonably close against USF. Missouri had the week off but still climbed to number, in part because of all the upsets in the top 25 this week. Arkansas slipped to 44th despite pasting North Texas State 66-7. That's what happens when teams ranked lower than you beat teams better than you, I guess.

And now, back to the grading. Hurrah?

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