A good example of justifiable taser use

So many times in the recent past there have been questions over whether the police were justified in whipping out a taser and shocking the hell out of someone--and in many of those cases, the answer is no.

But not in this one:

ST. AUGUSTINE - William Joseph Galloway wrecked his pickup after leading deputies on a 115-mph chase and tossing beer cans out the window. So authorities weren't thrilled with the 26-year-old man's next move: swigging beer and giving them the middle finger.

Authorities said he told them ``he was going to die fighting and swinging.'' But a Taser shock ended that threat.

The article goes on to mention that this took place during heavy rain and in traffic, and that when he spun out and hit a tree, and refused to exit the car, he started to reach for the glovebox. Tasered? He's lucky he didn't get shot. This is the kind of situation that the taser is meant to defuse, as opposed to the guy not named Andrew Meyer in that post who was tasered.

The driver, by the way, said that he'd have fought them all if they hadn't shocked him, and that he'd been taking meth and drinking all day. His BA level was twice the legal limit. Precious.

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