Conservative "Humor" and the Random Ten

Paul Krugman talks about something this morning which I've touched on before--the conservative brand of humor. The most recent example he brings up is Bill Kristol's boneheaded statement regarding the veto of the S-chip bill that "I tend to think it’s a good idea. I’m happy that the president’s willing to do something bad for the kids." But it's just the latest in a long line of mean-spirited conservative humor, which I've talked about before here.

What Krugman points out most effectively, however, is how conservatives mock you if you're hurting.

And on the day of the veto, Mr. Bush dismissed the whole issue of uninsured children as a media myth. Referring to Medicaid spending — which fails to reach many children — he declared that “when they say, well, poor children aren’t being covered in America, if that’s what you’re hearing on your TV screens, I’m telling you there’s $35.5 billion worth of reasons not to believe that.”

It’s not just the poor who find their travails belittled and mocked. The sick receive the same treatment.

Before the last election, the actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s and has become an advocate for stem cell research that might lead to a cure, made an ad in support of Claire McCaskill, the Democratic candidate for Senator in Missouri. It was an effective ad, in part because Mr. Fox’s affliction was obvious.

And Rush Limbaugh — displaying the same style he exhibited in his recent claim that members of the military who oppose the Iraq war are “phony soldiers” and his later comparison of a wounded vet who criticized him for that remark to a suicide bomber — immediately accused Mr. Fox of faking it. “In this commercial, he is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He is moving all around and shaking. And it’s purely an act.” Heh-heh-heh.

And that's pretty much par for the course. Conservative humor seems to be the equivalent of kicking a homeless man and laughing when he moans. I just don't find that sort of thing funny--call me a humorless liberal. I laugh when powerful people get needled by the little guy, in part because the powerful can handle it--or ought to be able to, anyway.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your computer's music player on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. Embarrass yourself. It's fun.
1. Never is Enough--Barenaked Ladies
2. Chango--Ozomatli
3. Holographic Universe--Thievery Corporation
4. Lazymuthafucka--The Coup
5. Three Hits--Indigo Girls
6. Got My Own Thing Now--Squirrel Nut Zippers
7. Don't Look Back--Teenage Fanclub
8. It's So Easy--Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings
9. Lunar Landscapes--John Vanderslice
10. Some People Say--Spider John Koerner
So what are you listening to? Or, what do you find funny?

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