Just when you thought it was safe

The Naugling isn't over yet, it seems. Now a daycare owner from my old neighborhood has decided it's a great idea to be an asshole publicly, as opposed to simply inflicting it on the people she knows.

A woman who tied a large banner on the side of her Victoria Park day-care center in a show of support for Mayor Jim Naugle's controversial comments about homosexuality says she has been ordered to take it down. But she's not going to, she told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel late Tuesday afternoon.

Elaine Schulze, of Small World daycare, said she was going to comply with the city's orders but decided not to, after getting swamped with phone calls about it.

"I will take my banner down when this city takes down all the rainbow flags," Schulze told the Sun-Sentinel.
Now, the reaction from Nauglites will undoubtedly have something to do with freedom of speech. But Schulze has come up against that most odious of restrictions on freedom--the dreaded zoning laws. Seems you have to get a permit to hang a banner sign, and her message doesn't fall within the very simple parameters the city has set for those signs. Cue Schulze:
"I guess I am not allowed to show appreciation for actions that are long overdue to protect the children and the ignorant,'' she told the Sun-Sentinel in an e-mail.
Yes, all of us ignorant people need protection from all the butt sex that's not taking place in the parks. Thanks so much for your concern.

It'll be interesting to see what happens here. Donald Trump found out the hard way what happens when you go up against a zoning authority--you lose, and you usually wind up paying a fine or two. If the city wants to, they can shithammer Schulze, and she'll lose every appeal.

In further Naugling fun (it's a Naugleganza!) some local clergy is meeting with Naugle in order to discuss a spiritual revival for the city. Great. I wonder if those clowns who busted up the Nazi rally also do anti-gay stuff?

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