I smell a documentary

But probably only because I saw the fabulous The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters a couple of days ago.

This story involves sand castles, but instead of it being a mano-a-mano battle, it's mano-a-Chamber of Commerce. You can guess who I'm rooting for here.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - The man who currently holds the world's record for the tallest sand castle is pouring cold sea water on Myrtle Beach's attempt to dethrone him.

Ed Jarrett, from Casco, Maine, said the 43-foot castle built in June in Myrtle Beach failed to follow Guinness World Records guidelines that ban using machinery and require the structure to be taller than it is wide.

"Myrtle Beach doesn't meet the criteria," Jarrett said. "You can't just pile up a bunch of sand, build a small castle on top of that pile, and call it a record."

Myrtle Beach said that it got permission from Guinness to break the rules it broke. Guinness hasn't made a decision yet, and without being able to see the castles side by side, it's hard to say for certain if Jarrett has a legitimate argument, though Myrtle Beach seems to be trying to justify its construction as opposed to disputing Jarrett's claim.

How will the story end? Will the plucky builder from Maine who put together 1,500 volunteers to raise money for a retreat for silk children be plowed under by the Chamber of Commerce for a seaside town known mostly for golf courses? Is there some hidden backstory we haven't heard about--did the person who oversaw the Myrtle Beach project train at Jarrett's feet and is now looking to usurp his master's place atop the sand castle world? Was adultery involved? If not, can we get it involved somehow?

And will someone give me a pile of money to start this project? Please?

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