Are you ready for some football?

I can't speak for all of my co-bloggers, but I'm pretty meh when it comes to college football, at least. last year, however, I chronicled (kind of) the rise of the mighty Burrow Owls from 116 out of 119 teams all the way to 98th. And where do we begin this mighty year, you ask?

Ask, dammit!

96th out of 120. That's respect, baby! Especially after the way we stomped that powerhouse Middle Tennessee State last week.

So I plan on watching the progress of the Burrow Owls occasionally this year, if for no other reason than because I really don't expect them to climb above 90, though it would be strangely cool if they did.

In other football news, Bradley and Emily's alma mater comes in at 41 this week, while mine and Amy's is at 18. Oh well. I think our football players are better students than the ones I had in grad school. That's some consolation.

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