You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I'm a baseball fan, by which I mean I generally follow the sport. I know, for instance, that right now the Cubs and the Brewers are battling it out for the lead in the NL Central. I have a fantasy team that I check irregularly and that should be doing better than it is. I'm not one of those nutters who can tell you who played 3rd base for the Baltimore Orioles in 1962, but I do have my favorite moments, like seeing Barry Bonds hit his 700th homer in person.

As a kid, I liked playing baseball. When I was in Jr. High, we'd bring bats and gloves to school and play both before school started and during lunch break. When there weren't enough people for a game, we'd practice rundowns. But it was never more than a game.

Barry Bonds hit his 755th homer Saturday, and the same strain anyone who follows the game today continued--there's a mixture of outrage and apathy surrounding Bonds's impending breaking of the record. Let's get one thing out there--sportswriters don't like Bonds. They say it's because he's surly, or because he's a "cheater," but in the end, it really doesn't matter. They don't like him, and they've been, in large part, trying to denigrate his breaking of Aaron's record. Whatever--their profession, their right to act as surly as the guy they cover.

But can we knock it off with the word sacred already? There's nothing about baseball that's sacred--not the records, not the players, not the history, not the game. It is, and always has been, a moneymaking enterprise, nothing more or less, and there's nothing sacred about that. Mike Celizic, who writes for MSNBC says it is Alex Rodriguez's obligation "to erase Bonds’ name from atop the all-time list and restore some semblance of legitimacy to the game’s most sacred record." Do a google search of "baseball sacred record" and you'll get over 1.3 million hits.

Is a career baseball record really worthy of religious veneration? Will Rodriguez breaking Bonds's record (assuming he does one day) heal the sick of their illnesses or usher in a period of peace and prosperity worldwide?

It's just a game, people. There's nothing holy about it (though you can make a case for unholy at times). I still enjoy watching it, and it's great drama at times, but lets keep a little perspective on it, okay?

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