Would you, could you, use a nuke? and the Random Ten

Apparently, much has been made over a statement made by Barack Obama where he said he wouldn't use nuclear weapons against al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan or Pakistan. He's getting hammered by Hillary Clinton using the old nugget of "we never take options off the table."

Well, I'm sorry, but anyone who actually believes we don't take the nuclear option off the table all the time is a damned idiot. In fact, I'd say the nuclear option is off the table far more often than it's on the table, even with the current asshats in charge. But the accepted political wisdom is that we have to make the rest of the world think we're just crazy enough to consider dropping nukes on cities filled with civilians for no apparent reason in order for our "nuclear arsenal" to have a deterrent effect. I don't know what we're supposed to be deterring with them, mind you, at least not anymore, but it's important that we deter.

It's frightening to me that the person who has the good sense to say that going after terror targets (read "training camps") with nuclear weapons is not a good idea is labeled as naive and irresponsible not only by his fellow candidates, but by the press which follows him around. Fuck, man, even Bush never made the suggestion that we ought to nuke Waziristan, and that guy's out of his damn gourd.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your computer's music player on random and post the next ten songs to pop up. No cheating to showcase your Warrant/Stryper/Winger collection. Here we go.

1. Mama's Got a Girlfriend--Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals
2. Eva--Ozomatli
3. Too Soon to Tell You--The Subdudes
4. The Golden Vanity--Spider John Koerner
5. Tonight, Not Again--Jason Mraz
6. Chips Ahoy!--The Hold Steady
7. Head (Of State)--The Coup
8. Better Together--Jack Johnson
9. Stop Breakin' Down Blues--Robert Johnson
10. Non-Sectarian Blues--Dave Brubeck

So what's on your lists today?

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