A suggestion to all politicians

Much has been made today of Mitt Romney's wankeriffic reply to a nearly equally wankeriffic question. We've all heard the question, or some form of it--right-wingers gave Michael Moore shit for his version of it in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

"Are any of your five sons currently serving in the United States military and if not are any of them planning to support the war on terror by enlisting in the United States Military."

Romney's answer was stupid, no question, but the question is a bogus one as well, and I'm no fan of Romney or this war, as anyone who reads my posts understands, because there's really only one legitimate answer to that question.

Ask them.

Ask the kids of these politicians. You can't be forced to join the military at the present time, so no matter what Romney the Elder's position on Iraq, what his kids decide is their decision, not his. There's no gotcha moment here, no hypocrisy on the part of the candidate, much as I would like there to be. If you want to ask Romney a question about his position on the war, ask why he got multiple deferments to avoid Vietnam, and if you want to ask Mitt's sons why they're not in the military, then ask them when they're pimping their dad at one of the many events they're hosting to campaign for him. Ask them at their blog which currently takes comments, or at their MySpace pages, all of which are linked at the blog.

But ask them directly. Don't blame the father for the decisions of his adult children. You can extrapolate how the father's example might have affected the decisions of the sons--in fact, that might be a good question to ask the five brothers. Feel free to use it if you want. It doesn't really matter to me.

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