Some Thoughts, and a Random Ten

I don't really have it in me to write a lengthy, witty post this morning. I was up late last night after our little troll deluge-- I kept waiting to see when it would finally end, but then I wound up reading more about online harassment; as irritated as I was by the "Why do you make excuses for a woman trying to verbally castrate her son?" crowd, that was nothing compared to what other, more female feminists typically get from these types of people-- take a look at Feministe's recent post on the subject-- and of all the violently pornographic death threats people have received-- if you don't feel nauseous enough this morning. So at least none of us got death threats or anything. Just annoyed.

I wonder when Bill O'Reilly is going to devote an entire week of broadcasts to talking about right-wing hate speech directed at feminist bloggers? This seems to be a bigger deal than some photoshop arteest making a picture of Joe Lieberman about to fellate the president. But what do I know? I'm just a stupid, man-hating whore.

Heh heh heh...

Anyway. It's gonna be a good day today. Today is the anniversary of the founding of the Smithsonian Institution-- that's the museum that saved Fonzie's jacket, you know. It's also the anniversary of Virginia and Leonard Woolf. And, on this day 57 years ago, Sunset Boulevard-- one of the greatest movies of all time-- premiered. So hell yeah. I'm pumped. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. O'Reilly."

Here's today's Random Ten. Tell your music player to shuffle them songs, then write down the first ten that come out. Even if they're embarrassing-- nay, especially if they're embarrassing. Like, even if it's Shania Twain-level humiliation. Put it down. We've all been there.

1) "No One Need to Know"-- Shania Twain (er-- I mean-- Oasis! Yeah... that's the ticket. Oasis. Fuck you, I'm still a hipster).
2) "Uptown Girl"-- Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
3) "Valerie"-- Reel Big Fish
4) "200 Balloons"-- Prince
5) "Santa Baby"-- Madonna
6) "Movement 2, from Kiss"-- John Cale
7) "Femme Fatale"-- The Velvet Underground
8) "Coral Moon"-- John Cale
9) "Everyday is Like Sunday"-- Morrissey
10) "Overkill" (Accoustic Version)-- Colin Hay

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