Some Must-See Radio!

Jim Naugle-- mayor of Ft. Lauderdale and fan of robot toilets-- is going to be on the radio this Friday. This is big news, because Jim Naugle is about as good at public speaking as he is at critical thinking (that is to say, not very). I can't seem to find the video footage of the press conference that led to my invention of the word "crupidity," but trust me-- it was a treat. And now he's going to the radio-- home of such prolific hatemongers as Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage. It's gonna feel like coming home, I'm sure.

The downside? He's co-hosting "Mitchell & Morley in the Morning" from 6 to 9... A.M.! That's, like, the middle of the night! We shiftless, jobless no-accounts in the leftwing blosophere don't get up that early! How inconsiderate.

Still. Someone's going to have to take one for the team, listen to this broadcast, and then blog about it. I mean, just imagine the crupid stuff he'll say when he thinks no one's listening. Gay people microwave babies! Jobless people drink urine! Kittens are delicious! He may say any or all of these things! It's gonna be awesome!

Exclamation Point!

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