It's a bloody meta-morning and the Random Ten

Like my co-blogger, I'm not really up for too much funning this morning. Give me some time to let the coffee kick in and we'll see. I've never had to deal with an onslaught of the kind that female bloggers have to deal with, and I can see why it would drive some people to shut down comments completely. I considered it briefly--I fully expected to get up this morning and be forced to clean up an attack. I'm glad they left so quickly--I'm guessing they figured it wasn't worth the bother to get around an IP ban when I was just going to change their posts to make them look even more ridiculous. Or maybe they're planning an even larger assault--the internet gives stupid and vengeful people a way to spew onto others, and they use it quite often. Hang out at Digg some time and see.

It's part of the growing pains, I suppose. Our audience has grown steadily over the last 3-4 months, and as that happens, we've come to the attention of the less savory types. That happens. But here's my policy--I'm all for discussion and dissenting viewpoints. I'm also all for humiliating abusive posters who add nothing to the conversation.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your iTunes on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs that pop up (and no, I will never change your Random Ten posts to include Winger's "Seventeen"). Here we go.

1. Big Chief--The Subdudes
2. Brighter Than Sunshine--Aqualung
3. It Might As Well Be Spring--Charles Mingus
4. Don't You Want Me--Human League
5. Confusion--Nouvelle Vague
6. Stewball--Memphis Slim
7. Pork and Beef--The Coup
8. Hey Bartender--Cowboy Mouth
9. The Golden Horn--Dave Brubeck
10. All Shook Up--Elvis Presley
So what's on your mind this morning?

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