Chris Dodd is Awesome; Dennis Miller Loses His Final Shreds of Credibility and Integrity

It's long, but worth watching.

Chris Dodd effectively puts O'Reilly in his place regarding The Daily Kos. I doubt that anyone really needs to hear anything else about O'Reilly's ridiculous argument that free speech needs to be stifled, but I do want to point out that for someone who claims to be so concerned about "hate speech," O'Reilly has been awfully gracious to hatemongers like William "The Media is Controlled by Sodomite Jews" Donohue and William "Mandatory Abortions for Black People Would Reduce Crime" Bennett, hasn't he?

Anyway, what's more striking-- and saddening-- about this clip is seeing how far Dennis Miller has fallen. Once upon a time, he was a truly funny, smart comedian. His Weekend Update routines on Saturday Night Live are second only to Norm MacDonald's, and his HBO talk show was one of the best political/comedy/talk shows ever-- until Bill Maher later perfected the formula.

So it's a shame to see the guy who was once an iconoclastic, take-no-prisoners, truth-speaking thorn in the side of conservatives and liberals alike sell out so pathetically. He's now toadying up to Bill O'Reilly, for Christ's sake. Why, Dennis? Why? You're the guy who once said, "I was making love to my wife. She cried out 'deeper, deeper!' So I started quoting Nietzche." You're not dumb. You know who Bill O'Reilly is, and what he stands for. It would be one thing if you were espousing a conservative party line-- that would be disappointing, but understandable (I mean, I'm sure you're quite rich now-- why wouldn't you be conservative?). But Bill O'Reilly's not a real conservative-- he's just a lying bully who shouts at people. His show is the exact opposite of what your show used to be. He's against fairness, honesty, and intellect. Seriously, Dennis, what's wrong with you?

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