Children show brand loyalty

I missed this until today, but in a test with 63 children, aged 3 to 5, the children picked food wrapped in McDonald's wrapping rather than plain wrapping. The children also insisted that the food in the McDonald's wrapping tasted better, despite the fact that the food was identical.

The researchers explain further:

"Kids don't just ask for food from McDonald's," Robinson said in a prepared statement. "They actually believe that the chicken nugget they think is from McDonald's tastes better than an identical, unbranded nugget."

Further research revealed that one-third of the children ate at McDonald's more than once a week, and more than three-quarters had McDonald's toys at home. In addition, the children in the study had an average of 2.4 televisions in their homes. More than half the kids had a TV in their bedrooms.

"We found that kids with more TVs in their homes and those who eat at McDonald's more frequently were even more likely to prefer the food in the McDonald's wrapper," Robinson said.

Um ... why do children between the ages of 3 to 5 have televisions in their bedrooms?

More to the point, this study does argue for the suggestibility of children in relation to advertising and that our general culture of branding affects people's tastes (and particularly children's tastes).

I like Dadsmacker's commentary on this.

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