Some Pre-Independence Day Sobriety

I don't tend to get too excited by Independence Day-- fireworks bore me, and my sense of patriotism is pretty much gone (thanks, Mr. Cheney!). Nevertheless, it's nice to have the day off, and I enjoy any excuse to drink beer outside, so...

Still, it's probably worthwhile to remember that while Scooter Libby will no doubt be prancing about the beach with his wife, kids, and all of his beltway-insider friends, Genarlow Wilson is still behind bars this Independence Day-- and his bond hearing previously scheduled for July 5th has been cancelled. It makes sense, doesn't it? 2 1/2 years is far too much time to serve for perjury and obstruction of justice that's tantamount to treason, while eleven is about right for a blow job.

Seriously. At what point did I fall through the looking glass?

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