Glad to be Out of Missouri and a Random Ten

Emily and I have now lived in South Florida for a little over a year-- we arrived at the end of June, 2006, and were pretty much unpacked by the 4th of July, as I recall. Aside from the traffic, we really love living here-- we've got the beach just a few miles away, lots of museums , Japanese Gardens, theatres, musical venues, and, perhaps most importantly to us, lots of really good restuarants and bars.

Oh, and we like our friends, too.

That's not to say that we hated where we used to live. Columbia, Missouri is a really fun college town where the people are generally polite and traffic is never a problem. There weren't so many good restaurants there, but we liked the bar scene well enough, and the friends we made there will probably remain our friends for the rest of our lives. Nevertheless, stories like this one make me glad that we got out of Missouri when we did-- under the direction of Governor/Idiot Man Child Matt Blunt, the state's rapidly becoming the type of backwater shithole that makes even Mississippi look good in comparison.

(You just can't help it, can you Bradley? You have to be an asshole all the time, don't you?)

Missouri, for those of you who don't know, was the first state in the union to adopt bigotry against homosexuals into its state constitution. Blunt prioritized taking money away from programs like Medicaid and Missouri First Steps, apparently under the belief that sick people and developmentally disabled children are too much of a drain on the taxpayers. And now, this.

Blunt has signed into law a piece of legislation that says, essentially, that universities cannot "discriminate" against former state legislators who apply for jobs by requiring them to have terminal degrees. The provision was pushed through by a Democrat, State Senatory Timothy Green, who holds a B.A. and believes that his political experience gives him qualifications equivalent to those who hold PhDs in political science. This makes sense, of course, and I'm kind of sorry I didn't think of it myself-- I could have skipped that seven years of post-graduate work I did and instead apply for English Department jobs based on my "real-world" qualifications as an "avid reader."

The funny thing is, this bill is actually kinda worthless-- these guys seem to be talking about applying for adjunct positions, which-- in the University of Missouri system-- don't require terminal degrees anyway. However, Missouri's state legislators have been downright hostile to the university system in recent years, slashing the university's budget and fiscally punishing schools when the legislators disapprove of some of the faculty's area of study. This seems to me to be just one attempt by ignorant, bullying politicians to tell those university eggheads to go fuck themselves.

Anyway. Here's my random ten. You know how it works-- put your music player on shuffle, write down the first ten songs to come up. No fair eliminating the embarassing music, either-- if you've got Sammy Hagar on your computer, the public has a right to know.

1) The Wallflowers-- "Closer to You"
2) The Velvet Underground-- "I'm Not Too Sorry"
3) The Rolling Stones-- "Beast of Burden"
4) R.E.M.-- "How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us"
5) Ol' Dirty Bastard-- "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
6) Bruce Springsteen-- "Glory Days"
7) The Smiths-- "This Charming Man"
8) Everclear-- "Santa Monica"
9) The White Stripes-- "There's No Home for You Here"
10) Lou Reed- "Legendary Hearts"

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