Florida Progressive Coalition

You may have seen the link, down there, tops in the politics list. Or not. I didn't mention it when I added it to the list, largely because I've been sort of tied up what with my daughter's visit to really explore it very much, but one of my goals has been to be more locally involved both as a citizen and as a blogger.

Thankfully, they're not waiting on me. The FPC radio show debuted today on blogtalkradio. It'll be a weekly thing that can either be streamed live or downloaded as an mp3 file. As I didn't get the link up in time for today's show, I guess anyone interested will have to listen live next week. I plan on spending a few minutes (at least) on it this week to see what kind of show it is. Drop by the FPC site also; if you're a local, you might find something to contribute, and if you aren't, you might find a template for starting up something like this in your state. Thanks to networking sites like Facebook, it's easier than ever to build coalitions online.

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