Who? Shaq? The Sheriff?

Could be worse, I suppose. He could want to be governor:

A towering figure from the world of sports – 7-foot-1 basketball star Shaquille O'Neal – is musing about taking on a towering figure in Broward politics: Sheriff Ken Jenne.

The Miami Heat center tosses around the idea of seeking a sheriff's job almost as frequently as he tosses a basketball. He was a little more specific on Monday.

"I probably will run for sheriff in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, Fla.," he said during an interview on the Live with Regis and Kelly national television chat show.

When Amy told me about this story late last night, she said that the upside would be that everyone in the country would know who our sheriff was, which is certainly not the case now. I have little doubt that he would win--the average person's ability to avoid the electoral version of star-fucking is notoriously low--so the best to be hoped for is that he'd get the job, put someone else in charge of the day to day, and be a figurehead for the actual decisions. We've seen how well that works in practice on a national level. (Warning: link may cause uncontrollable vomiting, anal leakage, and an attempt by the small intestine to strangle its owner and escape.)

And I apologize for the horrible pun in the title.

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