'Cause I Know Y'All Love Mississippi So Much

Here's some more evidence to support Brian's contention that Mississippi is a socially backwards hellhole-- police in Jackson actually launched and executed a sting operation against a couple of adult bookstores, arresting three adults for selling vibrators and massage lotion to other adults.

Seriously. What the hell? Can I assume that there's absolutely no real crime in Jackson, Mississippi, that the cops can harrass and incarcerate these innocent people whose only "crime" is selling masturbation aids in an adult bookstore? And if crime is so low in this town, it seems to me that if I were a resident of Jackson, I would be demanding that the city begin firing these completely unnecessary police officers and lower my taxes-- you don't need more than one cop in a town without crime.

I do like that the police have tried to make a distinction when discussing what was seized-- these people are being charged with selling "illegal" sex toys, not "legal" sex toys. Look, unless they've confiscated a gun designed to fit into a vagina or a butt plug that's capable of revealing the identity of covert CIA agents, I don't really think that anything that helps people achieve an orgasm should be criminalized.

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